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Our conversion software can process all kinds of images in HTML/SGML/EPUB Projects. Our HTML Tagging Conversion Software can process TIF/GIF/JPED/PDF files in to DOC/Text/HTML effectively with high speed and accuracy. You can send some sample pages and check the quality of our HTML Tagging Conversion Tool. Our QC Checking solution will help you in achieving 100% accuracy. We offer our services at very low prices so that every one can afford our services. Send us your samples to and check the quality of our services yourself. Samples are processed for free.

Conversion - 6 to 8 INR Per Page (Depending on Image type, size and quality)
Tagging - 1 INR Per Page

Note: All kinds of EPUB, OEBS, AUS, UAE, UDS, UTL, SOP, XENA, etc images are supported by our software.

We do not compromise at all in quality parameters. Our highly qualified dedicated team and infrastructure helps us providing world class quality services to our clients. We have large number of clients who are very much satisfied with our quality services. We continuously update our HTML Tagging Conversion Software to ensure our clients get good conversion quality all the time.

Our software is especially designed for current running HTML Tagging Process. We promise you that your work load will be handled with in a day.

Data can be processed form any format such as TIF,GIF,TIFF, JPEG, etc into TXT(Notepad), HTML (Tagged file), MSWORD2003, MSWORD2007, WordPad, etc formats. We can provide output in any format.

Image Superimposition ( Adjusting Image on back of text in DOC file) is done for 100% efficient proof reading. It will help you in detecting errors. We also provide a French Text DOC file to our clients for typing special characters which you cant find in normal keyboards. Errors are highlighted in 'blue' color to let the proof reader know that there is a probability of error at that location. This facility lets the proof reader check only the places where error probability is high. The proof reader does not have to read the entire page which will save time.

Tagging takes 2 to 3 seconds. There will be no error in tagging. Date and Time will be adjusted for every file in such a format that the data will look as if typed in a duration of 12 to 15 days. Typing is emulated in the conversion process i.e., instead of conversion, typing is emulated in notepad/doc file which makes the quality reach according to the specifications of the project.

It takes 20 Sec (Min) to 2 Min (Max) for proof reading a single DOC file. Generally it takes 20 to 30 mins to type a single page. 99% of your work is done by us and after all you will achieve 100% accuracy. We will assure you in that. Using our services, you can submit work with 100% accuracy and get good payments.

Conversion is done within minutes. We can manage huge work load (30,000+ files) per day. We give you 99.99% accuracy. You have to proof read the converted files and send them back for tagging. We will tag the files and send you back files in .html format or .txt format which ever you specify.

For more details, send us your sample pages to and check the quality of conversion yourself. We assure you 100% satisfaction.

Note: Software is developed for Automobile, Insurance, Cargo, Data Management, MIMS, CCVP, etc are already developed and live demo will be provided.

Access File Password Service

  • If you are working in any Form Filling Process and you are given software to work, if you need the password of access file, we can help you out.

  • We will let you know the password.

  • We will open the file with the password through remote desktop software.

  • Price varies from process to process. 

For more details, feel free to contact us. Online demo can be arranged with prior intimation.

Update: SGML/HTML Tagging Conversion Software V3.1.4 updated. Better quality and productivity!


Date/Time Adjustment and Typing Emulation
Date and Time for each file is automatically adjusted so as to avoid problems in conversion. All the converted files undergo typing emulation i.e., the data gets typed instead of conversion. So, the client will not have problem with the data as the data is typed practically.

Accuracy Parameters

Conversion - 99% to 100% Per Page
Tagging - 100% Per Page / Per Slot

Update :

HTML Tagging Conversion Software V.2.6 is released. Special Character support is included. Form Filling Software also available. Auto Typer Trial Version will be available upon request.

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